Behnk Elektronik – consistently innovative

The name, Behnk Elektronik, is well known within the worldwide business area of medical technology; it stands for quality in laboratory diagnostics. Founded more than 30 years ago, this family-owned business has been successfully specialising in the development of automated solutions for the analysis of blood coagulation values.
Precision and reliability are traits, as are speed and flexibility, which are required in today’s laboratories. A medical team must be able to make decisions in an emergency in next to no time. Exact and quick analysis results are a must. Behnk Elektronik develops automated and semi-automated instruments for exactly this purpose.

“Simple in principle – innovative in detail”

Lead by this motto, our engineers create new devices and further develop other time-tested systems. These details are the features which ease working with the systems and which guarantee high reliability during the laboratory routine. They are also the features which, if it should become necessary, allow a service technician to quickly and effectively offer assistance. All of these qualities save immense amounts of time and money; they make working with our systems so effective.
We mean “Made in Germany” literally. Many of the components used in our instruments are supplied by local manufacturers.