Our specialist for whole blood

  • easy to use
  • designed for the laboratory
  • can determine all coagulation parameters
  • maintenance-free


When switched on, the Thrombotimer automatically checks all important functions.


The measuring cuvette, with the sample or reagent, is placed into one of the incubation positions.


Upon completion of incubation, the cuvette is placed in the measuring channel. The measurement is then started by using either a special Start-pipette or by using the countdown timer in connection with any commercial pipette. Upon completion of the measurement, the results are automatically calculated and displayed.

The mechanical measuring system

A sensor monitors the ball rotating on the bottom of the cuvette.

Three parameters lead to the positive detection of a developing coagulum:

  • A large coagulum is created which stops the ball on the wall of the cuvette.
  • A softer, slower coagulum build-up directs the ball towards the centre
    of the cuvette.
  • A change in the sample’s viscosity causes a delay in the ball’s movement.

The flexibility

The Thrombostat can be used almost anywhere. It works with all standard reagents and sample types.

Measuring channels 1 2
Incubation positions 5 4
Opto-mechanical measuring system
Mechanical measuring system
Integrated printer
Optional external printer (RS 232)
Calculation in %, INR, g/l, mg/dl only INR
Calibration curve programming
Incubation timer
Automatic start without start-pipette
Whole blood measurements
Plasma measurements
Lysis measurements
Maintenance free