Thrombolyzer XRC

The Thrombolyzer XRC is equipped with all the features you expect from a modern coagulation analyser:

Cap piercing, positive sample identification, digitalised measuring system and complete traceability where even the reaction process is stored for later referral.
Even with all of its features, the Thrombolyzer XRC remains incredibly easy to use. START, STOP and ALARM OFF are the three buttons you need to control the entire analysis routine.  The sample rotor is loaded like a rack and then inserted into the instrument. A barcode scanner automatically registers all samples located in the rotor. Interruptions in the system are signalled both optically and acoustically. The reagent station can be pulled out in order to reload reagents. Used cuvettes are disposed of in a sensor-controlled waste drawer.
With a throughput of up to 160 tests per hour, this system fits in well in any mid-sized lab.

Sample throughput [test/h] 160/120*
Coagulometric tests
Chromogenic tests
Sample positions 31
Reagent positions (cooled) 16
Predilution positions 80
Cap Piercing
Positive patient Identification
External barcode scanner
for sample and reagent
Non-stop processing -
Easy to use 3-button-operation
Open reagent system
Integrated waste disposal
Cuvette rack return
Digital measuring system with
dynamic sample adjustment
Measuring channels 4
Wavelengths [nm] 405/620
Covered reagent system
Operating system LINUX
Personal user login
LIS-Interface RS232/LAN
Full traceability
Data base incl. all curves
Automatic test repetition and
reflex testing
Random access
Derived fibrinogen
Dimensions (LxWxH) [cm] 73x56x38
Weight [kg] 38
Sound level [dB] 52–66
Power consumption
[VA] / [BTU/h]

* without/with cap piercing