Thrombolyzer XRM

We take our cue from nature where proven techniques are continually being improved and adapted to new challenges. The same is true of the Thrombolyzer XRM; it is the first Behnk analyser to fulfill all the requirements of central laboratories.

The list of features in the Thrombolyzer XRM is long … cap piercing, positive sample detection, full traceability and increased reagent capacity. It also includes the possibility to connect multiple units to one LIS system which enables performance scalability.
The sample rotors make an uninterrupted workflow possible. They are used just like a rack: simply fill with samples and insert. The barcode is scanned directly upon sample withdrawal making this system absolutely traceable. Refilling reagents and measuring cuvettes is absolutely no problem and done without interrupting the routine.
A throughput of up to 320 tests per hour is achievable due to the two sample arms for plasma and reagents (which work independently of each other) and an eight-channel measuring system.
The XRM is amazingly easy to use although it has a large functionality range. Just press a button, and the XRM gets to work. Four buttons are enough to run the entire routine processes. All of these features and advantages – and it still takes up less than one square metre of floor space.

Sample throughput [test/h] 320/240*
Coagulometric tests
Chromogenic tests
Sample positions 62
Reagent positions (cooled) 27
Predilution positions 82
Cap piercing
Positive patient Identification
External barcode scanner
for sample and reagent
Non-stop processing
Easy to use 3-button-operation
Open reagent system
Integrated waste disposal
Cuvette rack return
Digital measuring system with
dynamic sample adjustment
Measuring channels 8
Wavelengths [nm] 405/620
Covered reagent system
Operating system LINUX
Personal user login
LIS-Interface RS232/LAN
Full traceability
Data base incl. all curves
Automatic test repetition and
reflex testing
Random access
Derived fibrinogen
Dimensions (LxWxH) [cm] 106x60x78
Weight [kg] 63
Sound level [dB] 45/65
Power consumption
[VA] / [BTU/h]

* without/with cap piercing